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How to play

How do you determine who starts first? 

Each player rolls 2 dice. The player with the highest point total goes first. 

How far should shapes be from putting area? 

The farther away the shapes are, the more difficult it will be to score. Start playing from a short distance away (about 5 feet) and adjust as your skills improve. Also, consider spreading out the shapes at different distances. 

What if the first putted ball blocks a shape that I’m supposed to putt to or is in the shape after putting? 

The ball remains where it lies until the player completes his 2 putts. 

What is the flag on the dice? 

Flag is wild. In other words, roll a flag and putt to any shape. 

Playing 21- this is a multi-player game. Lay the shapes on a flat surface. Player rolls the 2 dice and putts to the shapes indicated. Roll a flag, and putt to any shape. Make the putt and get the points. First player to score "exactly" 21 points wins. Note- each player should have an equal number of rolls. In other words, they should be able to finish the round. For example, if the first player scores 21 points, the following players in that round should get a last roll before declaring a winner. In the case of a tie, players roll 2 dice and putt to the shapes. The person with the most points, wins the tie breaker. 

Are there other ways to play the game?

Single player- layout the shapes and simply practice your putting stroke. Otherwise, just roll the dice and shoot for the shapes-- see how many rolls it takes to score 21 points.

Multiple Player- In Shape- each player rolls 2 dice- putt to shapes indicated on the dice. Putt to any shape if you roll a flag. First player to make 2 putts in each shape wins!

Multiple Player- each player rolls the dice 3 times and putts to the shapes. The player with the most points- wins!

Multiple player- play the game like a round of golf. Determine the number of holes to be played- 9 or 18. Each player rolls the dice and putts. But unlike a regular round of golf, when you complete your round, the person with the “highest total” wins. 

In Shape Horse- just  like the basketball game "horse". Player chooses a shape and putts. If they make it, the other person must make the same shot. If the other player misses, they get a letter in the word "horse". Have fun and choose different locations for the shape. If you get h o r s e.....you are out. 

Make up your own game- have fun creating your own game to play with family and friends.....miss a putt and take a drink of your favorite beverage!